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Men's ministry
Men's Empowerment

Empowerment does what the logo implies by Empowering Men for Christ.  Men gather in small groups each week in homes or restaurants to read and journal the Bible together.  This process opens the door to learning the Bible and spiritual conversations that many of us have not experienced.  Most of us enter this process with fears or feelings of inadequacy, but that quickly evaporates as we experience the simplicity of the system and the friendship of other men.  These groups will get you reading the Bible each week and help you become the spiritually-minded man you want to be.  They are designed for every man at every level of Bible knowledge.  You will love it just like the other men who have participated in over 20 groups started in SaddleBrooke.


By the way, you will be surprised by the new friendship you will develop.  Each group experiences becoming a band of brothers which leads to great interaction and fellowship.  Pastor Ron is always on the lookout for men to participate in current groups or join a new one he starts each fall.  He would be honored to answer any questions you have and help you discover a group that fits your schedule.  Just contact Ron Gannett or click above to Join an Empowerment Group and we will be in touch. To discover more about how empowerment works, click the button below.

Men in Action

In addition to Empowerment groups, Men in Action, for all men, enjoy a variety of ministry activities together:

  • The annual Men's Rally better equips men for ministry.

  • Breakfasts provide fellowship and encouragement.

  • Men serve those in need in our church family.

  • Men mobilize to meet both physical and spiritual needs in our community and state.

  • Men provide support for our Mission Partners in a variety of ways.

Click Event Registrations to view currently scheduled events for men.

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